fieltro y asfalto

proyecto en colaboración con Campo adentro, el rebaño de ovejas carranzanas y lachas que hiberna en la Casa de Campo y sus pastoras

This is, in other words, experimental cosmoecology: learning to hold possibilities open, learning attentiveness to the infinite ways of being affected and of affecting, where no one may know ahead of time the affects one is capable of or the kinds of forces and entities that will constitute landscapes and worlds with us. The cosmos emerges, again and again, out of diverse ways of composing worlds, of crafting attachments and connections that link soil and earth, compost, humus, mud, grass, dogs, sheep, humans, and more. All of this is to say that there are some places on Earth where the cosmos passes through the mouths of sheep.

Vinciane Despret and Michel Meuret, ‘Cosmoecological sheep and the arts of living on a damaged planet’, Environmental Humanities, 8 (1), 2016, p. 35

diario de campo

18 diciembre 2020

15 diciembre 2020

9 diciembre 2020

5 diciembre 2020